Anteimoro (bark) paper

Anteimoro paper is a paper that, with nothing more added, made of bark boiled in water. The bark used is the inner bark of a shrub (Avoha), which grows on Madagascar's east and south coast. After shredding, cooking and processing, the bark paper pulp is formed into sheets on a fabric stretched in a frame. The fresh flowers, leaves, straws can be placed as decoration in the paper pulp. The sheets are dried in the sun,whereafter they are detached from the textile. The result is very beautiful flower cards, gift bags, etc. paper products. The bark paper also has a unique texture: soft with a tactile surface. Papersheets in various sizes, with or without flower decoration, are interesting for origami, fabrication of lampshades and as art materials.
La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE supports and cooperates with Anteimoro paper manufacturer since 1995. Artisans for whom it is a family tradition to keep this culturally and historically significant craft alive. Below the manufacturing process is shown step-by-step in artisan Mme Jestine’s studio. They are usually four persons in the studio. See more of their Anteimoro paper products in La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE range. You find them under the heading "Gifts and Interior".