Fair Trade crafts in a diversity of different materials and with unique results


The photo above gives some examples of the diversity of materials represented in the La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE range and the unique handicraft products they result in. From left to right: Candy frog plaited of sedges (small photo shows artisan Mme Perline when she harvests the material ), hat braided of sun-dried raffia palm leaves (small photo of raffia palm below and small photo of hatmaker Mme Raton at work to the right), bag with outside of hand-woven raffia palm leaves and shoulder strap of braided sisal), card and envelope of handmade bark paper (small photo of designer and craftsman Mme Jéstine with the bark she boils in water to pulp), Citroën van handmade of collected scrap metal (small photo of the brothers Fidèle and Fideliss with a bag of freshly picked metal cans), beads handmade of collected plastic scrap, necklace handmade of polished coconut shell. You find more information about the crafts; products, materials and crafting on La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE website.

The importance, strengths and weaknesses of the Malagasy craft sector
Since August 2021, Madagascar has had a ministry and minister dedicated to crafts: the Ministry of Arts and Crafts, under the leadership of Minister Madame Sophie Ratisraka. (Previously, the ministry included crafts that also included industry and commerce.)
Minister Madame Sophie Ratsiraka was interviewed on 3 September 2021 by l'Express regarding importance, strengths and weaknesses of the Malagasy craft sector. The Minister pointed to the crafts as being formidably good at fighting unemployment; The activities are often individual or family-based initiatives and are undertaken with unlimited creativity and variety. It has the ability to value the whole country and the ability of the people. The great diversity of the Malagasy crafts (eg in terms of materials) and the internationally recognized craftsmanship are also examples of strengths. Examples of weaknesses are high costs for materials and lack of financing opportunities.

Bottom line:
Diversity provides stability and security - and more of that is needed.
Climate crisis, species extinction, pandemic have actualized the need, n’est-ce pas?

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