World Environment Day 5 June 2017

World Environment Day 5 June
A day it suits extra well with genuine Fair Trade crafts of natural materials and recycled materials.

To the left: Photo from a location on Madagascar's east coast which has an (extra) large and unique biodiversity. The hat is made in this location, handcrafted of sun dried raffia palm leaves and recycled cassette tape. Material that are ecological from two aspects; The sun-dried palm leaves are included in the natural, wild-growing flora. The harvesting of the palm leaves makes the palms to continue sprout new. Cassette tapes are local waste for which recycling plants are missing.
To the right: Basket handcrafted of sun dried mountain grass and raffia palm leaves. The grass is wild growing around the village where the craftswomen live. Handle of vegetable tanned leather. Lining and pull-string close of unbleached cotton fabrics. Perfect for a little picnic.

Anything else to add? Yes. The place where the hat is made often suffers severe cyclones. The cyclone Enawo in March 2017 was an example of this. It made landfall here reaching peak intensity: 62 m / s (230km / h). The cyclone left many homeless.
The women who make the hats are environmental heroes in a world with a very unfair climate change (!)
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